360Rize Pro10 Center Core

The 3DPro from 360Rize is a 3-in-1 stereoscopic 360 video rig that presents itself as perhaps our most versatile product to date. It offers filmmakers the capability to shoot fully spherical stereoscopic footage, blended monoscopic and stereoscopic footage as well as high resolution monoscopic footage all with the same modular rig.

FC # MFR #CEN-10

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360Rize Pro10 Center Core



This is an anodized aluminum core for building a Pro10 (10-camera) 360 Plug-n-Play™ 360 video rig. This center core piece is compatible with the modular camera holder assemblies found in our 360 Plug-n-Play™ line of 360 video rigs. Thanks to the modular design of our product line, users can combine centers and camera holder assemblies from different rigs with individual parts to create multiple rig configurations. For example, users with a Pro6 Center Core and Pro10 v2 have the ability to create both 6-camera and 10-camera configurations for filming 360 video.


This center core is compatible with the following 360RIZE 360 video rig components: Basic Camera Holder, Bullet360 Camera Holder and the Basic Camera Holder for the GoPro™ Hero5


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