About Us

Fusion. It’s our name and our mantra, our raison d’etre.


The term Fusion is commonly used to describe the joining of two elements to result in something much more powerful. This is the basis from which Fusion Cine is built. The fusion of broadcast and professional video technology with cinematic creativity and vision allows us to provide the best tailor-made experience for our customers.

By joining these elements under one roof, our knowledgeable, dedicated and handpicked team of industry professionals ensures every angle of our customers’ experience has been customized to address their specific needs, from acquisition to post to data management and archiving.

There are many companies that provide portions of our scope of services, but none that offer complete production solutions, and can supplement those with rentals and a service department. In this digital age, all creative and production departments need to work together. We are constantly finding new customers who are looking for these complete solutions or our expertise to consult on what they need to work within their existing production workflow.

Fusion Cine provides products, solutions, and technical resources that transform the way creative professionals gather, manage and communicate their vision. 

If you shoot, produce or post, we have the tools and technologies you need, along with the know-how and support to help you be your best.



To provide products, solutions, and technical resources that enable and transform the way creative professionals gather, manage and communicate their vision. 

Mission Statement:

Through our passion for digital innovation, and commitment to outstanding customer service, we strive to work with each client to achieve their goals.  We treat every transaction with integrity and professionalism and create an environment that fosters success for us and our clients. 

Core Values:

1) Respect - We value all individuals for their diversity, experience, approaches and ideas. 
Integrity - We stand behind our word.
Accountability - We personally commit and accept responsibility for every service we provide.
Quality - We strive for excellence in all that we do.
Technical Innovation - We creatively integrate cutting edge technologies.
Continuous Improvement - We consistently work to evolve ourselves, our products and our services.
Collaboration - We leverage teamwork to achieve successful results.
Passion - We are dedicated in heart and mind.