To celebrate one of our industry's favorite events, ARRI is offering specially priced promotional packages.

Order through Fusion Cine right now! Just email or call us at 604-879-0003 and ask for one of our ARRI's specialists.

Limited availability, valid until July 31st 2018.

Set of 6 Ultra Prime Lenses

Choose any 6 Ultra Prime Lenses at 20% off list price

Master Grip Set with 2 motors

Choose any Master Grip Set and any 2 lens motors at 30% off list price.

Wireless Video Set with 2 receivers

Choose any WVS Set and add 2 receivers at a 30% off list price

Eligible Master Grip sets:
KK.0013205 Master Grip Zoom Set for AMIRA
KK.0013208 Master Grip Prime Set for AMIRA
KK.0013210 Master Grip Zoom Set for ALEXA Mini
KK.0013211 Master Grip Prime Set for ALEXA Mini
KK.0013213 Master Grip Zoom Set for ALEXA Plus-Studio
KK.0013214 Master Grip Prime Set for ALEXA Plus-Studio
KK.0013215 Master Grip Zoom Set for 3rd-Party Cameras
KK.0013216 Master Grip Prime Set for 3rd-Party Cameras

KK.0005854 Controlled Lens Motor CLM-3 Basic Set
KK.0005855 Controlled Lens Motor CLM-4 Basic Set
K2.0006361 Controlled Lens Motor CLM-5 Basic Set
K2.0006355 cforce mini Basic Set
KK.0008824 cforce plus Basic Set

Eligible WVS sets:
KK.0015011 Complete Wireless Video Set
KK.0015115 Dual Wireless Video Receiver WVR-1 Set
KK.0015008 Wireless Video Transmitter WVT-1 Set Big

KK.0015010 Wireless
KK.0015010 Video Receiver WVR-1


Availability is limited. offer cannot be combined with any other offer. offer expires July 31 2018.