RED Ranger Gemini Camera (Gold Mount)


  • RANGER with GEMINI 5K S35 Sensor
  • PL Lens Mount with Shim Set
  • REDCODE Recording up to 5120 x 3000 60p
  • Integrated I/O’s


No matter which amazing sensor you choose, the RED RANGER camera system will feature the same compact, standardized camera body, weighing around 7.5 pounds (depending on whether the user chooses the V-Lock or Gold Mount variant). RANGER comes complete with a comprehensive I/O array to satisfy power-hungry studio configurations and boasts a large fan for quiet and more efficient temperature management.

RED’s RANGER is an integrated camera system offering an all-in-one system rather than completely modular. It features all of the benefits of the DSMC2 sensor line up within a less complex platform for filmmakers. Features like integrated I/O’s, 24V power out, shimmed PL Mount and improved thermal performance offer unmatched versatility as well as peace of mind in challenging shooting environments.

The RANGER GEMINI 5K S35 offers 16.5+ stops and full-frame lenses to capture images at rates up to 75 fps in 5120 x 3000 5K, 120 fps in the 2.4:1 5K aspect ratio, 120 fps in 4K full format, and up to 300 fps in 2K 2:4:1 aspect ratio. Shoot full-frame video in REDCODE RAW (R3D) and ProRes or DNxHR/HD at the same time, or capture 15.4MP still images.

The RED Ranger also offers support for dual-base ISOs of 800 and 3200 and a sensor format that allows shooting classic 2x squeeze-factor anamorphic lenses without compromise.


With greater resolution than 4K capture and over 17x more than HD, the RANGER GEMINI 5K S35 provides the detail that enables cropping, re-centering, and additional tweaking during post while maintaining vivid, crisp imagery. Data rates of up to 300 MB/s can be reached when using 480 or 960GB MINI-MAGs, or up to 225 MB/s with 120 or 240GB MINI-MAGs (available separately).

RANGER is capable of handling the rigorous strain and robust power needs of high-end studio productions. Supporting wide input voltage (11.5V to 32V) and more independent SDI and AUX power outputs, as well as an integrated XLR audio input. The camera boasts a larger fan for quieter and more efficient temperature management.

RED RANGER is available with three different sensor options: MONSTRO 8K VV, HELIUM 8K S35, and GEMINI 5K S35. All three sensors deliver stunning resolution and image quality—creating clean and organic images that bring your footage to life. The MONSTRO and HELIUM sensors take the next step in exceeding beauty offered by film – up to 17x more resolution than HD—and over 4x more than 4K. For flexibility in any situation, GEMINI is RED’s highest sensitivity sensor to date and offers significantly increased performance in low-light settings and improved performance in shadows.

The RED RANGER begins shipping this month, so place your order now!