Sony VENICE 2 8K Full-frame Digital Motion Picture Camera

SKU: MPC3628

Sony VENICE 2 8K Full-frame Digital Motion Picture Camera 6K sensor, Dual Base ISO and Internal X-OCN / 4K ProRes recording


Emotion in Every Frame

Paired with a newly-developed 8.6K (8640 x 5760) or the original 6K (6048 x 4032) full-frame CMOS image sensor, VENICE 2 CineAlta camera offers excellent image quality with 16 stops1 of total latitude to capture beautiful images with color science inherited from the original VENICE for its highly regarded natural skin tones. Featuring a unique dual base ISO of 800/3200 allows filmmakers to capture incredibly clean, film-like images under a wide range of lighting conditions. It also supports everything from full-frame, full-frame anamorphic to Super35 all at a minimum of 4K resolution, resulting in an outstanding and versatile camera system for cinematographers and productions.

36x24mm Full-Frame Sensor for Cinema

VENICE 2 features one of two 36x24mm full-frame image sensors, designed specifically for the demands and performance of high-end cinematography. Each offers remarkable sensitivity, latitude and color rendition. Users can easily switch between sensors, since the sensor blocks are interchangeable and can do so without any extra firmware, and even use the sensor from their original VENICE. The new 8K sensor captures images up to a maximum resolution of 8640 x 5760, while the established 6K sensor offers up to 6048 x 4032. Both offer powerful oversampling for incredible 4K images.

In full-frame, you can use the full width of the sensors (8640 or 6048 pixels) for widescreen spherical 2.39:1 or Large Format Scope. Full-Frame can be used creatively in several ways – for example, to allow for extra shallow depth of field or super-wide shooting.

Surround View (Look Around)

Using the 6K sensor, the camera records only the active area but the viewfinder and on-set monitors can display a 5% margin around it. Surround View supports three imager modes: 3.8K 16:9, 4K 17:9 and 4K 4:3.

Dual Base ISO

VENICE 2 features dual base ISO, meaning that the 8K sensor offers Base ISO800 in addition to Base ISO3200, while the 6K sensor has Base ISO500 and Base ISO2500. 8K sensor excels in low-light, High Dynamic Range capture with an exposure latitude from 6 stops over to 10 stops under 18% Middle Gray, for a total of 16 stops. The 6K sensor offers an exposure latitude from 6 stops over to 9 stops under 18% Middle Gray, for a total of 15+ stops.