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Want a 50% credit of your rental charge now that you are going to purchase?

Fusion Cine offers our customers a convenient way to test equipment before they commit to a purchase. If you rent an item from Fusion Cine, then decide to purchase the same make and model item from our Sales division, 50% of the total first weeks rental cost of that item can be credited to your account, to be used towards the purchase of said item.

The following requirements are necessary to qualify for this discount option:

  • Customer must notify both sales agent & rentals agent with their intention to utilize this 50% demo rental credit program, before the start of the rental.
  • Item must be purchased within 30 days of the rental end date.
  • Purchase must be for the same item as what was rented, unless agreed and approved by Fusion Cine management in advance.
  • ONLY Fusion Cine owned rental equipment is eligible for this program. Sub-rented or consignment equipment does not qualify.
  • The rental must have been done for regular rental rate. Rentals that have had special deals and discounts negotiated do not qualify for this program.
  • Company or individual name assigned to the rental contract, must be the same name that will ultimately appear on the purchase bill of sale
Application of Credit:

  • Maximum credit redeemable towards a purchase is 50% of one weeks rental. Rental can be multiple weeks, but only the first week can be used towards this program.
  • The rental credit must be used as part of the equipment purchase completion, and cannot be used as the deposit for a special order, or pre-order item.
  • Must be approved by both Sales Manager and Rentals Manager.
  • Rentals credit will be processed on your account at the time of purchase, or at the time a special order or pre-order deposit has been made.

For more information ask your sales representative or rentals coordinator today.

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