Arri ALEXA Mini Body with 4:3 and ARRIRAW

ARRI's ALEXA Mini Body with 4:3 and ARRIRAW comes with preinstalled licenses for full 4:3, MXF/ARRIRAW and Open Gate functionality.


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Arri ALEXA Mini Body with 4:3 and ARRIRAW



ARRI's ALEXA Mini Body with 4:3 and ARRIRAW comes with preinstalled licenses for full 4:3, MXF/ARRIRAW and Open Gate functionality.

To maintain ARRI's famously rugged build quality in a small and lightweight camera, a number of unique design solutions have been incorporated. These include highly integrated and environmentally sealed electronics, a lightweight carbon housing and a solid titanium PL mount that connects directly with the new internal sensor mount to ensure a super-stable flange focal distance, even when using large lenses. Nimble in use and hardy on set, the ALEXA Mini is a go-anywhere tool, easy to transport in backpacks or as carry-on luggage.

The ALEXA Mini can be operated in a number of ways: by wireless remote control, as a normal camera with the Arri MVF-1 multi viewfinder attached, or with an on-board monitor and controlled via the user button interface on the camera body. Light enough to be comfortably held at arm's length in a hand rig, its compact size and extremely quiet operation also make it ideal for tight shooting conditions. The symmetrical design permits filming in any orientation, including upside-down and in portrait mode, while multiple accessory points enable highly creative mounting solutions. In addition, the ALEXA Mini's interchangeable lens mount can be replaced with any of those designed for the Arri AMIRA, allowing the use of B4 video and EF mount stills lenses.

Equipped with a 4:3 sensor, automatic de-squeeze mode for anamorphic productions and frame rates of 0.75-200 fps, the ALEXA Mini records ProRes or uncompressed ARRIRAW either in-camera to CFast 2.0 cards or to a specially-designed external Codex recorder that can record image streams from up to four ALEXA Minis simultaneously -- a compelling option for multi-camera setups such as 360


  • 4K UHD ProRes Images
  • Uncompressed ARRIRAW Up To 30fps
  • Super-lightweight Carbon Body
  • Frame rates up to 200fps
  • 4:3 Anamorphic Mode


Lens Specs

Lens Mount Type PL Mount


Sensor Type CMOS
Sensor Size Super 35mm
Effective Pixels Normal (Surround View):
Open Gate 3.4K: 3424 x 2202 (3424 x 2202)
HD Anamorphic: 1920 x 2160 (3424 x 2202)
2.39:1 2K Anamorphic: 2560 x 2145 (3424 x 2202)
4:3 2.8K: 2880 x 2160 (3168 x 2160)
4K UHD: 3200 x 1800 (3424 x 1926)
3.2K: 3200 x 1800 (3424 x 1926)
2K: 2868 x 1612 (3154 x 1764)
HD: 2880 x 1620 (3168 x 1772)
S16 HD: 1600 x 900 (1760 x 980)


Recording Format ProRes:
4:3 2.8K: 2880 x 2160 up to 50 fps (padded to 2944 x 2160)
4K UHD: 3840 x 2160 (up-sampled from 3.2K)
3.2K: 3200 x 1800
2K Cine 16:9: 2048 x 1152
HD: 1920 x 1080
S16 HD: 1920 x 1080 (up-sampled from 1600 x 900)

Anamorphic ProRes: (with 2x in-camera de-squeeze)
2.39:1 2K Anamorphic: 2048 x 858*
HD Anamorphic: 1920 x 1080*

(in-camera recording to MXF-wrapped ARRIRAW files)
Open Gate: 3424 x 2202***
2.8K 16:9: 2880 x 1620**

MXF/ARRIRAW Open Gate: (with active image area matching 4:3 ProRes modes)
4:3 2.8K (OG 3.4K): 2880 x 2160 (recording in open-gate 3.4K)***
2.39:1 Anamorphic (OG 3.4K): 2560 x 2145 (recording in open-gate 3.4K)***
16:9 HD Anamorphic (OG 3.4K): 1920 x 2160 (recording in open-gate 3.4K) ***

* with included 4:3 license
** with included ARRIRAW license
*** with included ALEXA Mini 4:3 and ARRIRAW licenses
Recording Media CFast 2.0 cards
Supported Codecs ProRes 4444XQ, 4444, 422(HQ), 422, 422(LT) MXF/ARRIRAW


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