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  1. ,OConnor Ultimate 2575D Fluid Head (Mitchell), C1234-0003

    OConnor Ultimate 2575D Fluid Head (Mitchell)

    MFR# C1234-0003

    The OConnor Ultimate 2575D Fluid Head (Mitchell) is a fluid head with a Mitchell Ball Base and Tiedown that supports high payload cameras rendering it... Learn More
    • Ergonomic Design / For Cinematography
    • Lightweight (22.9 lb / 10.4 kg)
    • Heavy Payload - up to 90 lb (40.8 kg)
    • Controls Located on the Operator Side
    • Single-touch Platform Release Lever
  2. ,OConnor Ultimate 1030Ds Fluid Head Package, C1239-0001

    OConnor Ultimate 1030Ds Fluid Head Package

    MFR# C1239-0001

     ... Learn More
    • 1030Ds Head with 100mm Ball Base
    • Sideload Top Platform with Camera Plate
    • 12" Pan Handle with 30° Bend
    • 11.5" Pan Handle Extension
  3. ,Manfrotto 504HD Pro Video Head 75, 504HD

    Manfrotto 504HD Pro Video Head 75

    MFR# 504HD

    Full smoothness control while shooting thanks to the variable fluid mechanisms. Ideal for latest camcorder and HDSLR cameras supplied with external... Learn More

  4. ,Manfrotto 561BHDV-1 Fluid Video Monopod With Head, 561BHDV-1

    Manfrotto 561BHDV-1 Fluid Video Monopod With Head

    MFR# 561BHDV-1

    The 561BHDV-1 is a compact but incredibly high 4-section aluminium fluid monopod. It is equipped with a fluid head (701HDV special version) includi... Learn More

  5. ,Sachtler Video 20 S1 Fluid Head, SAC-2010

    Sachtler Video 20 S1 Fluid Head

    MFR# SAC-2010

    -Boost Button for payload range shift
    -Parking positions for spare camera screws (Pin, 1/4", 3/8")
    -Tap holes for adapter viewfinder ex... Learn More
  6. ,Sachtler Video 18 S2 Fluid Head, 1811

    Sachtler Video 18 S2 Fluid Head

    MFR# 1811

    Able to handle DSLR setups weighing four pounds up to ENG and digital cinema cameras weighing 40 pounds, the Sachtler Video 18 S2 Fluid Head can fi... Learn More

  7. ,VariZoom VZ-ZG ZeroGravity Tripod Head, VZ-ZG

    VariZoom VZ-ZG ZeroGravity Tripod Head

    MFR# VZ-ZG

    The Varizoom VZ-ZG ZeroGravity tripod head is an innovative design made to work with tripods and camera cranes. VariZoom's unique ... Learn More

    • Works with Tripods and Camera Cranes
    • Fits Tripods w/100mm/75mm Mounting Bowl
    • Fits on Flat-base Mount Tripods
  8. ,Manfrotto - 501HDV Head, 501HDV

    Manfrotto - 501HDV Head

    MFR# 501HDV

    Taking its inspiration from our top professional video head models, the 501HDV features a fixed counterbalance spring set for a typical weight of came... Learn More
  9. ,Sachtler - FSB 6 T Head, 405

    Sachtler - FSB 6 T Head

    MFR# 405

    Sensitive, fast and robust – small heads for awesome shots: Perfectly designed for all users of MiniDV and (H)DV cameras, ... Learn More
  10. ,Sachtler - Video 25 Plus Head, 2500P

    Sachtler - Video 25 Plus Head

    MFR# 2500P

    With the Video 25 Plus fluid head and its seven-step, temperature-independent damping system, professional camera operators capture the naked truth on... Learn More
  11. ,OConnor Ultimate 2575D Fluid Head Package (Mitchell), C1234-0001

    OConnor Ultimate 2575D Fluid Head Package (Mitchell)

    MFR# C1234-0001

    The O'Connor ULTIMATE 2575D Professional Fluid Head was specifically engineered for supporting 35mm film cameras. This head is capable of supporting c... Learn More
    • Sinusoidal Counterbalance System
    • True Fluid Dampening
    • Dual Adjustable Pan Arms
  12. ,OConnor Ultimate 1030D Fluid Head, C1237-0001

    OConnor Ultimate 1030D Fluid Head

    MFR# C1237-0001

    The Ultimate 1030D and 1030Ds fluid heads offer a wealth of features that have been borrowed from the larger OConnor 2575 and 2065 heads to let cin... Learn More

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